Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Tragic Lost

        On January 21st, 2012 at 3 AM, my dearest aunt’s mother pass away. Her name was Evelyn and she had a great heart.  It was a very tragic lost for our family. She entered the hospital on Wednesday and has been gotten better until Friday night where she started to slip downwards. I got the call at 3 saying Evelyn has pass away, tears started to form and fall from my eyes. Even though she was not my mother, she was a great person to look up to and ask for advice.
         Evelyn was full of energy and always put others before her. Evelyn was a bundle of joy and everyone that met her adores her very much. Also, she was a great baker and went ever she came over someone’s house; she would have a full basket of sweets to give. Evelyn was such a caring and loving person; she always knew what to say to put a smile on a sad face.
         Best memories and smiles that will never be forgotten. We will miss forever. xoxo

Me? Blogger? no way!

         Well hello there, long time no see. Haha, I was just going through my emails when an email showed up on my screen having a blog.  Then I wondered and asked myself “I have a blog? Really?” then I remember I did have one. Even though I may not have that many followers, those who do, you get to see my life from my eyes.  I clicked on the link that took me to my blog. I started to read the post I have previously posted and I started to remember. The last time I posted was in May of 2011. Now its January 2011, has it been that long? Well I have been so busy I haven’t gotten a chance to update and post new things. Well, I guess I just need a fresh start…
         I’m 14 years old and my birthday is February 2n (as some may notice its 14 days away). I live in New Haven, Connecticut with my mom, dad, and Sami (my dog). He’s a year and four months. Sami is my best friend and I love him lots. I’m a freshman at Hamden Hall Country Day School and it’s amazing. I’m a tennis player and I love to hang out with friends.  
         Hopefully this will be a good beginning… it’s now my goal to remember to blog and not forget to update you guys on what’s going on with my life. But overall nothing has really changed really…same old me. Well this post is getting long so I’m going to post another one. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow...I have a blog!

           Hey again.....i haven't wrote on this blog for a really long time! I just read some of my older post and WOW did i laugh my heads off! Only a few more weeks of school till I am a high schooler and no more in middle school. Its a fresh start for me and hopefully there is no more drama! I think middle school has the most drama of all. In the Beginning of the year I was "the new girl" and now I'm really close to most of my friends. Even some of them are leaving to go to Sacred Heart and leaving me, we are spending all the time we could with each other, cheering laughs and tears of memories! To all my friends I will miss u LOTS!!! And hopefully you guys don't forget me <3...... I have to go but I will be back on later. Hopefully another post...soon to come...keep reading readers

Sunday, December 5, 2010

B Team for Basketball

Well as you can tell by the title....I made B team for basketball! On last Friday, as I walked up the 3 flight of stairs....I was sooo scared and excited to find out on what team I was going to be on! Once I reached the top floor I look on the bulletin and there was no paper what so ever for me to see what the teams were! So then I went to my locker and unpacked all my books and then I heard/saw all the 8th grade girls rushing to mrs. Craddock and onto the bulletin board, that's when I knew the teams were up! At first I was sooo excited to see the teams but then I was scared at the same time....well finally I went to see and that's when I saw my name under the list for B team!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Team A or B

Hi all to the blogging world.....i know i said i would keep you updated but i have been really busy!! Well for has been the same old same old! This winter season......i have took the courage to try and do basketball! i have a choice of swimming(which i also like) and basketball (which i have never played before) friends dani and Marg tried to get me to do friend Jen tried to get me to do basketball! I have a hard choice to either do basketball or swimming but also not to take any sides with my friend! But knowing my great friends, they will never think of me taking sides, they are great friends and will always be there to support me!!! So we have been doing basketball for a week now and tomorrow morning the coaches with be posting the teams ( A & B)!! Im sooo excited but scared........i dont know if i want to be on A or B team...even though i am horrible at basketball i still think i can shoot just a little but now that i think about going towards the B team instead of A! I'll try to keep on posting! I will post what team i will be on hopefully tomorrow or the next day!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My mysterious Sasha

My mysterious Sasha........well there is sooo much to tell but a lot that is needed to figure out! What to tell is well its a person that goes back a little with my best friends....all i can say is that this Sasha is a he.....yes its a weird and long story! Thats what my bff Jen nickname him! my mysterious Sasha is nice and smart. Quiet athletic and funny...he has an obsession with two words "uggggg" and "clearly"! He also swears but he promise he wouldn't swear anymore and now that he promise he can't break it. I guess he could mean something to me but i don't quiet know. I mean i'm only in middle school and already thinking of all this. Doesn't it start once your in high school and really know what you really want! Oh well I started early...i still need to figure out why he likes video games so much! And how good he is at basketball.....which he says is the best sport ever...which I totally disagree! I think tennis could be the best sport ever but thats my opinion. What do you think is the best sport ever? Well back to Sasha....still need to figure out what he likes! Boys could be soooooo seriously!!! 

Teen Age

    Hey all teens going through the stage of yourselves changing and having relationship. Have you ever wonder why your changing and feeling different....well thats another post i will do later.  
    Then once you get to the stage of boyfriends and girlfriends, thats when the really tough stuff starts to happen! Are you one that doesn't really know what to do or is just weird of having a bf and gf.....well i'm here to help. So heres a list of tips on having one:

  • always give him or her space
  • have your time with her friends and with your gf and bf
  • dont cling to them to much or they will thing you are a creep
  • be yourself and not someone else
  • get someone who you really can connect with
  • get a guy or girl that will like for who you are 
For guys:
  • Don't show off when your near her
  • Don't act like jerks to get attention
  • Don't get girls just because of her looks....ya guys we know that you look at other things!!! Don't think we are stupid
For girls:
  • Don't try to make your boyfriend jealous to get more makes your relationship 10 times worst and it will probably end it....they will misunderstand
  • Don't be their girlfriend just because of his body (i know its tempting) 
  • Don't go with them because they are cool...but really inside they are probably weirdos and un mature
  • Dont cling to them....they will get annoyed
Thats all i got right now......if you have any questions just comment and i will answer if i can.....hope your relationship is better!! Enjoy your love life